Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Type Quick, So You Can Beat the Rapture!

One of the big problems with being part of the Hat-Knitting Community, blogging for the survival of Western Civilization, is that demons may suddenly show up and try to tell you to not get ready for Jesus to come back. It's a problem we all confront. And all I can say is, I know! I do three things while I blog for Western Civilization:
1.) Hit "save" a lot, in case Jesus suddenly shows up mid-post!

2. Type real fast, and keep one eye on a nearby heathen, in case he suddenly vanishes, which is a Very Telling Sign!

3. Put duct tape over your ears so the demons can't say things into them!
And of course, always make sure that there's no sharia law in your restaurant before you even order appetizers! Imagine if suddenly Jesus showed up, right there in the booth, and you had to explain to him why you were eating a big plate of nachos that have a jihad on them!

I do sometimes wish, though, that I had a big brother who could explain all of this stuff to me.


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