Thursday, February 16, 2006

The "Season" for Victory!

Anti-war military haters keep saying that we should bring Our Troops home so they don't get shot and blown up anymore in the name of stabilizing Mosul. So dumb! Everyone knows you support Our Troops by sustaining long wars far from home against people who never actually attacked us!

More important, though, is a serious lesson that our vice-president thought to teach us this week. Remember: When Our Troops are hit by bullets in Iraq or Afghanistan, they haven't actually been "shot." Now we know the right terms: They've been "peppered" or "sprayed." Who could object to that?

So today, keep a close eye on your local newspaper. If they maliciously claim that an American soldier has been "shot" overseas, set the record straight! Let them know that our troops are only getting "sprayed" and "peppered," and that you won't tolerate this kind of factual error anymore!

So pile on the pepper and the spray! Do it for Our Troops!


Blogger phinky said...

I now have my pepper spray. I am awaiting my next instructions.

9:23 AM  

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